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Re: Message Plus not syncing with windows 10


Well, imagine that.

Only took a month to get their act together and acknowledge "Windows Desktop application is not compatible with Windows 10 computers".
Although the same 2 versions ( on Windows 7 and 6.8.5 on Windows 10) had been working for many years. Mine both synced dependably up to July 19, 2019.

It would have been helpful if @vzw_customer_support had acknowledged this earlier and saved us mere Members (paying customers!) the grief of messing around trying to install, uninstall, Disconnect, etc.!

Wasting all our time (we are not getting paid!) troubleshooting, when someone at Verizon knew about the problem, doesn't show much respect for their paying customers.

Then again, what current companies actually demonstrate that they DO value their customers?
Their source of income?

Disappointed, John.