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Re: Verizon Message+ deleted my conversation!


Repeating what I've said already does not help!   How can you even ask that?!  At this point the only thing that would help is some assistance in getting the messages that are stuck inside my PC, onto my phone (some sort of backup/conversion program).  You want to help?:

  • Verizon should reimburse me for paying for an almost useless Cloud backup service.
  • Verizon should fix this ridiculous limitation with the Cloud backup of text messages.
  • Verizon should look into why my messages were deleted, I'm almost certain it was some glitch in the app which means it will happen again and to other people.
  • Verizon should change the Messages app so that deleting an entire conversation requires a double-confirmation, and it should always default to NO (I noticed on one of the dialogs the default was set to DELETE and you had to choose CANCEL).  I am still pretty sure I did not delete them, but in testing if that was even possible (could I have possibly mistakenly gone through that dialog) I noticed how terribly it was set up.