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Re: Repeating notification sounds


I have exactly the same problem that started a few days ago. The Play store says it updated itself April 18th, supposedly to fix bugs and add new features, but it clearly created new bugs.  Whenever I open the Message+ app, I get 10 or 20 loud beeps that used to come one at a time whenever a message arrived in the background. Now they seemed to be saved up, and perhaps duplicated, when the app is opened.

I never noticed what version of message+ was installed before but it is now 6.8.2.  My phone is Mot Z2 Play, Android veresion 8.0.0.  All App permissions are turned on for Message+.  Restarting the phone doesn't solve the problem-- when the phone finishing restarting, it starts beeping like crazy if there are any new messages that have arrived in the background.

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