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Message+ Windows PC app still Broken


On my personal home PC, the Windows PC app stopped working about 3 weeks ago.  VZ Support's last effort is to contact Microsoft of my Internet provider.  Problem:  All worked fine across PC, iPhone and Android tablet until PC app (not web based text) stopped working.  Can send a text from PC, but cannot receive any.  Iphone and tablet still work fine.  Have accessed internet via VZ hotspot on iPhone so internet is not the problem.  Have uninstalled Windows/MS updates back to Dec 2018 and that hasn't helped.  Have a trouble ticket open [removed] since 2/11, but VZ tech support seems to be at a loss also.  Any wizards out there have a fix or suggestion for this?  Have disabled Norton also, reset router, uninstalled from all devises and started from scratch, nothing works...

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