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Message+ bug report: "10pm -> 110pm" bug



Consistently, when I type "10pm", the Message+ app changes it to "110pm".


It's been this way for a long time, and certainly through the last few versions of the app. I'm currently using version 6.6.7.

To reproduce:

  1. Position your cursor where there is only a space or no content on either side of it (e.g. in a blank message or after a word and a space)
  2. Type the numbers 1 then 0 (at this point "10" will be highlighted as a candidate for being replaced with an emoji)
  3. Type any letter

The highlight will then go away and the number 10 will have been changed to 110.


  • Is this a known bug that's being fixed?
  • Are there steps that can be taken for a user to fix this themselves, other than disabling Smart Emojis or just using a different messaging app?
  • Is there a more appropriate place to report bugs such as this?
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