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Re: What happen to Android Wear Support?


I have opened NUMEROUS tickets with Verizon support.  They either flat out LIE and tell me it's not a known issue (clearly it is given Verizon has responded here). They simply do NOT care.  Verizon is the biggest and acts like it.  They LIE to customers and tell them it's their devices and their devices need factory reset.  I've done this no less than FOUR times with my V20, I've tested no less than FIVE different Wear OS watches (Moto 360 Gen 1, Moto 360 Gen2, TWO TicWatch Pros, and a Fossil Sport).  Exactly NONE of them with get notifications from Verizon Messages.

Now today Verizon issues an update for the toy made by Palm to fix notifications but they can't or won't fix Wear OS?

Everyone should know this is an app written by a 3rd party that Verizon contracts with.  The lack of updates and lack of concern about other SERIOUS security and privacy issues should very much worry EVERY Verizon customer, but as long as this is forced on our phones we should expect a working product.  PERIOD. It's time for Verizon to stop lying to customers.  Admit they have a problem and FORCE their contractor to fix the app NOW.  No more updates for a product that will likely be discontinued in <1 year because exactly no one wants the Palm device.

Verizon needs to fork out $250 for a TicWatch or a Fossil Sport and test it for themselves.  It takes all of a few minutes to prove it's their problem, the problem is they DO NOT CARE.

E-mails to Messages support go unanswered and calls to tech support garner excuses and lies rather than solutions.  They all promise to call me back, exactly ZERO have.  That's unprofessional.  In the end, lying in the course of a business relationship is fraud. How much longer are Verizon customers going to be lied to?