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Re: Issues with Verizon Message App on Andriod Wear Oreo


I'm not sure if you know this, but this whole issue with Android Oreo, could've been avoided...Here's How.....In the beginning of 2017 Verizon was supposed to release a Verizon Edition of the LG Watch Sport, but then Verizon GOT GREEDY and cancelled production. Verizon then decided to come out with their own in house smartwatch called the Wear-24.  The Wear 24 allowed Verizon to maximize their GREED and keep all profits on the watch in house.  The Wear 24 Watch ended up being a failure.  It was a poorly designed overpriced piece of [removed]...Which is why, no one bought it.  Had Verizon originally decided not cancel production of  Verizon Edition LG Watch Sport...All of These Future isssues with Andriod Wear would've been AVOIDED..

Verizon’s LG Watch Sport has been canceled - The Verge

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