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Re: Samsung Rogue Threaded Messaging?
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dubarmy wrote:

I just wanted to clarify what exactly is meant by the threaded messaging on the Rogue? I currently have the Alias 2, which can group messages by contact, is that the same feature? Basically, when it comes time to upgrade my phone, I want one that sets text messaging up almost like an AIM window (i.e. Android phones). Is that what the Rogue does? I'd also really like to get away from those notifications that pop up and stop you in your tracks when you receive a message. I like what I've read of the Rogue, but have a feeling I'm going to have to go with an Android phone to get what I want for texting. Any advice or help is appreciated!



Threaded text messaging (aka conversation based messaging) is a format in which text messages are displayed as a running conversation (much like instant messages). Basically, if you open a new message from your friend "John", you will see the new message and below that a running history of all the recent messages that "John" sent you.


The Samsung Rogue does not have thread messaging on it. The Android phones yes do have threaded messaging on them.