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Can't Save Avatar after Verizon Messages Upgrade


After the Verizon Messages upgrade, my avatar disappeared and when I try to save a picture to replace it, it doesn't work. I select a picture, crop it if necessary and save it, but when I return to the panel where my profile resides, the avatar is still blank and the Tap to Set Photo prompt remains.

The bug report is below.

OTT SubscriberId:

VersionName: 6.4.5

VersionCode: 30646

Build Number: 182

Build Date: Fri Feb 10 18:04:17 PST 2017

Last Build Number: 0

Manufacturer: Google

Model: Pixel XL

Product: marlin

RAM: MemTotal: 3847384 kB

SDK Version: 25

OS Release: 7.1.2

OS Incremental Version: 3638325

OS Codename: REL

SizeCache-Background Image@993c969: size = 1690034, max = 258800464, used = 1%, numItems = 1, active = true

SizeCache-MessageItem-old@3bbbda9: size = 0, max = 91615936, used = 0%, numItems = 0, active = true

Picasso: size = 13014400, max = 26330115, used = 49%

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