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Premium messaging mystery


I received a $9.99 charge for premium messaging.  According to Verizon Wireless, my phone somehow signed up to receive MLB scores on a monthly basis (my phone is not actually receiving the service, and of course no one in my house signed up for it - we don't even follow baseball).  They even had the date I supposedly signed up for the service (Jan. 20).  I also contacted the service provider, and they said the only way to sign up for the service is to enter the cell phone number on their website, and when a pin number gets texted to my phone, I enter the pin on their website.  They said someone would have to have physical access to my phone in order to sign up for this service, and that all of their systems are automated.  I went back through all of my messages - I never received any kind of pin number in December or January, and of course, I don't actually get the MLB service either.  So it begs the question - how does my phone number get billed for a service I didn't sign up for and don't receive?   I asked Verizon if my phone could have been hacked, and of course they said no.  Right. 

The charges were removed, and my phone number has been blocked from receiving all premium messages, but unless the service provider's automated system screwed up and started billing my number without sending me the service (or sent the service to another phone), I gotta believe my phone was hacked.  Anyone else have this happen?

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