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Scammers via text spam


I received a couple text messages from "944-08 Brain Cool IQ Fun Facts billed at $9.99/mo Msq and Date Rates May Apply. Reply help for help. Enter UR password on the website to continue 4878."

Then I got another


Welcome to Brain Cool IQ for help call 18668611606 9.99/mo for 3msg/wk. Reply HELP for help ReplySTOP tp cancel Msq&Data Rates may apply"

then another


Guess What? A long time ago, to get rid of people without killing them, youd burn down their hous, hence the phrase to get fired. For HELP call 18668611606."

After a week of this I called verizon. They said they can't help with 3rd party billing because they can't control what a user does with their phone. I do not have a data plan and did not send a premium text to sign up for this, nor did I fill out any form on any website to get signed up for this. This is truely a scam. Verizon confirmed that I am being billed $9.99/month. They said to send a STOP message to the 5 digit code and to call them for a refund. Verizon turned off premium messaging on my phone. I called the scammers who did not return any phone calls after 4 calls over 5 days. They claimed they were a 3rd party company that simply fielded phone calls for this spamming Boston based company that had no phone numbers that I could reach them at.  They finally answered an email and they tell me they need me to send them a copy of my bill with certain info. I am reluctant to send them a copy of my bill with my personal phone number, my wifes cell phone number, our home address, etc on it. I know they will just use this info to keep scamming me.

Is there really nothing Verizon can do to stop scammer from billing you through their cell phone bills? Do you think I will ever get my $10 back? Am I now signed up for more? (see below). Where can I see on my bill what premium services these scammers are charging me?

I am no longer receiving SPAM from 5 digit codes, it is now coming from 6 digit code. Such as 595-959 To complete your SHOP YOUR WAY Rewards Enrollment & get txt msg offers, Reply Y to confirm. Apx 8 msgs/mo; Msg and Data rates may appl; Txt HELP 4info;STOP 2quit



Please provide a copy of your phone bill showing short code number with charge,

phone number charged along with name and address payable.

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:59 AM, <> escribió:

I am contacting you to get a refund of your services. I never signed up for
them. I do not have premium texting on my phone so I don't see what you are
texting me, it just shows up as "....". I have been calling that third party
company that you have for questions, they have assured me twice that someone
will get back to me to complete the refund. However no one has called.

Please refund my bill immediately. I never signed up for any service. Yo
not put my phone number on any form online. I did not text a premium phone
number since I do not have premium texting. There is no way that I signed up for
this service. I have been scammed by you, your affiliate, or someone just
playing games.

Please contact me immediately to resolve this issue. I would also like to
know why you started charging me in the first place. How you think I signed up."
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