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nmchileman wrote:

Hmmm. Thanks! I see what you mean, but it still doesn't work for me. I paste the link then highlight it and click on the link button, I enter in the title and click update but the URL still stays. I can't get it to display the title I want instead of the URL. I've tried previewing it and it still shows the URL, not the title.


Entering the HTML code for it directly might work better for me anyway, don't have to deal with that little pop up box. My browser seems to have an anxiety attack whenever I open the link pop up or the pop up for smiley's. (I have all those memorized too).



I'm not sure I understand what you are doing, or what the problem is. When I want to create a link I:


1) Copy the link I am going to insert.


2) Type the word or phrase I want to make into a link into the editor or use a word already there (many links are so long I don't like to use the link as the text for the link).


3) Identify the text to be visible as the link (swipe the chosen text with the mouse).


4) click on the link icon


5) Paste the link I previously copied into the popup and click Insert.


Works every time.


Is there something you are trying to do tha I am missing?


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