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Re: New Community Feedback - Please Post Here

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Hmmm. Where to begin...


First, I'll say that I really like the new interface and layout of the main page. I realize a lot of work went into this overhaul. It's great there's a dedicated area for recent solutions and recent topics, I think that makes it really accessible for beginners. Oddly enough, I really like the cartoon-ish look and feel that's been created. It makes things seem very laid back and not so serious. I also like the idea of a weekly poll on the main page, many good things can be asked here and it's a great way to get feedback from customers. The addition of Top Taggers gives me a new list to aspire to be on top of. :smileywink:

 I REALLY appreciate how I can mouse over a user's name and it will display their information. I especially enjoy that it shows Accepted Solutions.


I have to admit that it did take a little getting used to. I had some trouble at first distinguishing read/unread posts, new posts and posts with accepted solutions. But I like the way everything is layed out (even though I kept trying to tag stuff in the "attachments" bar :smileyvery-happy: )  I agree with Suzy that there needs to be little bit more contrast for the display of Replies, New and Views. It's hard to read those, especially because I keep my screen on a dim setting. If these items could be just a bit darker it would make it a lot easier to take in.


I'm noticing one issue though, I can no longer see a person's IM accounts. I have AIM and Yahoo set up and they aren't displayed on my profile page. It's not there for anyone. I changed my privacy settings to allow all people to view my information but it's still not displaying. Maybe just a line of code someone forgot??


There is one huge gripe that I have. From the main page there is no way to mark all posts in all sections read. I now have to go into each individual section and mark the posts read and that can be very time consuming. Can we get that back on the main page so I can mark ALL posts as read? Along the same lines, I think the confirmation page to mark things as read/new is a waste of time too. This wans't on the old setup and it worked fine (or did you get a lot of complaints?).


All in all though, I think it's a great improvement and I really appreciate the hard work. Lithium does a good job for you guys in keeping this place tip top.


Now, if I could just get my forum email changed I think I'll have it made. :smileywink:



PS It's flipping awesome I can get PMs emailed to me now. THANK YOU for doing this and giving us the option to turn it off.


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