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Re: I have been Verizon Wireless customer for 17 years...

I have been a customer to Verizon since 1990 (started as an Airtouch Customer before Verizon Changed their name). I am not certain that they appreciate me either, I signed up here to share this story and find your story the most similar to share (If you could let me know how to start my own post, I would be delighted to do that, but, I'm not familiar with this process) Pardon my share if it offends you. I just feel that we are in similar "lack of customer care" situation.

As a 23 year customer to Verizon, have sent ALL of my Family/Friends to them (52 people in family tree), I am in an UNRESOLVED ISSUE with them for almost 2 months now. I have over 8 hours total talk time with financial aid, the warehouse, and customer service reps and supervisors. STILL NO RESOLVE. They have a charge on my account (abut 500 dollars) which originated from a warranty return phone that was mailed back (though they never received by them). THERE LAY THE PROBLEM. Now, my phone was SHUT OFF and to get it back on, they charged our phones a fee (30 dollars) today, they SHUT IT OFF, knowing that I am in dispute! I have, AGAIN, received a statement from Verizon, that a "Supervisor" would contact me w/in 24/48 hours. Still Waiting... This has gone BEYOND a phone issue. This, even from their operators mouth, is more of a "Verizon Dropped the ball" issue. I have insurance for LOST or Stolen phones... what happened to that?

Verizon offer: Return the phone that you are using and buy a pay as you go phone or upgrade a different phone on the account. ??? Really, with insurance on the phone, you would like me to BUY another phone? Feel free to comment. "Verizon, your problem is our problem the first time you call"??? What???

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