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VZW Scheme potentially DANGEROUS!



Please take a moment to file a complaint with Verizon Wireless against their new *611 on-screen scheme. It may seem like a good idea to divert customers to do-it-yourself services, but it poses a potentially huge threat to the public. Let's face it, we maybe shouldn't be dialling while driving, and really shouldn't be texting, but the vast majority of us does it. Who REALLY pulls over to make a phone call or send a text message? We all do it while we drive... Verizon has now decided to divert ALL calls to customer service to the Verizon *611 On-Screen Mobile App. You then have to read all the way to the bottom of the menu to find the small (even on the large screen Droid Maxx) "Call Customer Service" button, then enter your account passcode, then press continue, then wait for it to validate, then it'll call. Verizon has made no effort to warn customers that a phone call to customer support requires such steps to be completed, and this scheme totally contradicts its campaign to end texting while driving. It actually creates a far more dangerous situation. Many people, such as my 62-year-old father don't even know what an app is, and expect a call to be placed when the send button is pressed. Having to look down and fight through a a tiny menu and password inputs creates a huge risk to other motorists and pedestrians who may not be seen while a Verizon Wireless customer simply tries to place a call to Customer Service.

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