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What Happens To Unflattering Posts?


Just be aware that if you call Verizon out here on their despicable incompetence, negligence and the way they spit on the people who put food on their family's tables, [Removed]. I posted three different messages about three different problems with our phones (which we paid EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH for) this morning [Removed]

Verizon: I will warn everyone I meet for the rest of my life that Verizon hates their customers, creates products that don't work, rips people off and treats us like trash.  I am researching new providers now, and will be leaving Verizon as soon as possible.  [Removed].   I thought my last provider's problems were bad, but that was nothing compared to how incompetenly this nougat rollout has gone, and the way customer support here is handling the blowback.


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