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Re: $2.00 charge to pay bill on-line or via cellphone


I agree... this is totally RIDICULOUS and better not be true!  Didn't Verizon learn from the BANKS???  The banks attempted to charge fees and had such a backlash they all cancelled the fees.  Now Verizon is trying this??  And worse, we have to read about it in the news, they don't have anything posted on their own website that I can find, and didn't tell their own customers via email or other notification???  The news article I found said they stated this fee is similar to Ticketmaster... BUT that's apple & oranges... not even comparable!  Ticketmaster first of all is an OPTIONAL, occasional entertainment thing and most people don't do it every month, and many people such as myself refuse to pay those fees, I go directly to the source to buy tickets from to avoid those fees... THIS is a monthly BILL for a service that we're ALREADY PAYING FOR and we're paying the SOURCE!!  And really we're already paying TOO MUCH for it as it is, when you compare to other options out there that offer better plans!


I will NOT pay you $2.00 just to be able to pay my bill!!  I pay you too much per month already!  Heck there is one company out there offering to PAY the cancellation fees to get out of contracts... this is certainly one way to make Verizon LOSE lots of customers!

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