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Re: After 4.1.1. update, can't connect to my PC


One of my Galaxy S III's will not connect or be seen at all from any computer since Update. I have 3 of the same phones (2 my kids) so I am able to do more trouble shooting then only having a defective on to try. I also have 6 computers to try.

So anyway, I have two of the phones working find since update and are seen by the computers fine.
One phone wont be seen at all now after the update, Since I am able to try the other phones on same systems I know its the PHONE. I factory reset it twice also. Nothing works. The computer will not see it at all, But it still charges.

Just An FYI Incase its the same problem. I am going to call them and hope to get it replaced. I can't find anywhere what the warranty is on the phones though there site.