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After 4.1.1. update, can't connect to my PC


Begining immediately after the 4.1.1 update, my phone will only connect to my PC as an installer.

When I plug in the stock USB cable (or any other USB cable) the phone displays the message "Connected as an installer". My PC then shows a directory listed as a CD drive (it's a CD image stored on the phone) with 6 files, including several EXE files. None of these seem to do anything or resolve the problem.

The connection is also very unsteady. The phone repeatedly disconnects and reconnects. At no point can I change the USB mode.

This is one of several things that broke when I updated to 4.1.1.

If anyone out there has a solution or workaround, I would be very grateful. It would be a lot more than anything Verizon Support has been able to do.

Please advise. Thanks!! Noah

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