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Re: Bait and Switch


I was going to start a thread but it seems this is a good place to start.

One phone broken, need to buy one.  The rep says WAIT, there is a great BOGO deal if you buy 2...

OK, so I ordered the BOGO deal on with Karl by phone.  I was told it would be $899 for the first S10 and $149 for the second.  $1048 total, Not BOGO but at least I was told.  And I was told the order would arrive Tuesday, maybe Wednesday (yesterday).

On tuesday checked the portal, nothing.  I call, the rep that day said order will arrive tomorrow, never came.

On wednesday checked the portal, nothing. I call, the rep said order the order is referenced in the notes by Karl but he never actually placed the order.  But they could help me place a new order.  

Oh Snap says the rep, the deal isn't available any more.  But we can sell them to you for $899 each, or you can buy the S/9 for $99 each with a new 2 year contract.  I say I that's fine. The order never shows on the portal.  I call back, i see the order but I am not sure why it hasn't shipped.

Yesterday at 4 pm still nothing on the portal and I contact the agent through chat.

Oh snap, says the rep that deal isn't available anymore but I can sell you 2 Samsung S9 phones for $1198

Now that is bait and switch.  Fake an order for 2 s/10 phones for $1048 but then not ship them, say my order number is cancelled and it can't be reinstated, then force me to buy lower quality phones for more money.