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Once again I'd say:  if the plan states "BOGO free - Phone must be Samsung Glaxacy S10 + w/ 128 GB memory, no substitutions" I'd say BOGO means buy one get one free.  On March 12, 2019, that was the offer sold to me in a Verizon corporate store in Seattle area.  After six months of payments, I could pay off the #1 phone and #2 was then free; never a discussion of $750, credits, or other stipulations and conditions.  So, when I was told that my bill would be ~$190/mo for 6 months, it would return to the $125 it had been before after I paid off #1.

Then when time to complete the purchase, #1 is ~$750 due, but #2 must continue to charged and credited or the whole value of #2 is due.  THAT IS BAIT AND SWITCH!  
    NO, it's not.   Please look up the definition of bait and switch. The purpose of these promotions is to add new business and keep you for a period of time. It is stated in all of the promotions but if you pay off the promotional phone line or cancel it you will lose any remaining credits

If there were none of 'conditions' and 'promos at the time of purchase which was verified today by the CSR on the phone, the Gulliani-type response of 'we didn't say that' to explain the difference was, "the store salesman did not tell you all of the contract's requirements."  It was suggested that I go to the store and ask the manager to refund.  If it's a corporate store, Verizon should stand behind its offer as sold.

   Yes there were. The conditions of all promotions are published online and are Available in your online purchase record and on your bill each month n

In the mean time, I must continue a contract for 17 months or face another $750 to buy #2.  You, sir or madame, need to avoid the Verizon-scripted responses to realize this was BAIT AND SWITCH.  It is not that it is difficult to understand the plan as presented today, it's that that was not the plan I bought on March 12, 2019.

You do understand that all carriers work this way?  It is foolish for a carrier to let you walk away with a phone when the purpose of the promotion is not to give you a discount but to keep you for a lengthy period of time and make a profit off selling your service.  Go over to the AT&T sales page and read their promotions for phones. Read all the fine print, it's exactly the same.

As to if I owned a phone company, I'd be rich.  However, I would make certain any conditions that reduce an offer, stated as BOGO free, were known at the time of purchase and show costs over time.  The 6 month payoff offer to avoid the monthly charge was not applied to the #2 phone, it should have been stated.  It was not the case with my purchase.

Apparently not because your customers would take their free phones and go looking somewhere else for cheaper service.  And again, all the information is there, always was.  Just because you neglected to actually take in the information is on you.