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Re: Bait and Switch


Once again I'd say:  if the plan states "BOGO free - Phone must be Samsung Glaxacy S10 + w/ 128 GB memory, no substitutions" I'd say BOGO means buy one get one free.  On March 12, 2019, that was the offer sold to me in a Verizon corporate store in Seattle area.  After six months of payments, I could pay off the #1 phone and #2 was then free; never a discussion of $750, credits, or other stipulations and conditions.  So, when I was told that my bill would be ~$190/mo for 6 months, it would return to the $125 it had been before after I paid off #1.

Then when time to complete the purchase, #1 is ~$750 due, but #2 must continue to charged and credited or the whole value of #2 is due.  THAT IS BAIT AND SWITCH!  

If there were none of 'conditions' and 'promos at the time of purchase which was verified today by the CSR on the phone, the Gulliani-type response of 'we didn't say that' to explain the difference was, "the store salesman did not tell you all of the contract's requirements."  It was suggested that I go to the store and ask the manager to refund.  If it's a corporate store, Verizon should stand behind its offer as sold.

In the mean time, I must continue a contract for 17 months or face another $750 to buy #2.  You, sir or madame, need to avoid the Verizon-scripted responses to realize this was BAIT AND SWITCH.  It is not that it is difficult to understand the plan as presented today, it's that that was not the plan I bought on March 12, 2019.

As to if I owned a phone company, I'd be rich.  However, I would make certain any conditions that reduce an offer, stated as BOGO free, were known at the time of purchase and show costs over time.  The 6 month payoff offer to avoid the monthly charge was not applied to the #2 phone, it should have been stated.  It was not the case with my purchase.


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