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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Network Extender for Enterprise



I work in a basement where the only incoming cellular reception is from a Verizon Network Extender for Enterprise.

Specs on the VZW NE suggest that the device broadcasts over bands 13 (LTE), 66 (AWS) and 46 (5 unlicensed GHz).

Specs on the Samsung S8 suggest that the phone supports bands 13, 66 and 46 too:

In theory if I find a phone that operates over those bands I can atleast see the signal from the NE.  If the phone recognizes those bands for service I will be good to go.

As I research models it seems that there are many variations of the S8, some GSM, some CDMA and some hybrid or unlocked.  

This phone (G950U) mentions that it is exclusively for the VZW Network:

This phone (G950V) mentions that it is unlocked and should work for any carrier:

GSMArena suggests that the G950U stands for "Unlocked USA", which I would think should be a safe choice.  But the G950V stands for "USA Verizon" which would be the safest choice, assuming it is compatible with a 3rd party carrier.  However, GSMArena also mentions that both of these versionse are GSM, there is no mention of CDMA support like I see for a different device like a Droid Turbo.


Would either of these phones versions work over a CDMA 3rd party Verizon provider and the VZW Network Extender?