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Re: Samsung Pie update-hate it


To any moderator: I have blocked the updates on my new J7 in every way I have been able to after reseraching the dirt sandwich called PIE. I am currently looking over the EUL of Samsung that allows them to BREAK a phone at will and drop it back in the owner's lap to limp along.

I would like to know one thing: Does Verizon have a position about forcing updates that are KNOWN to break phones that Verizon sells? I bought a smart phone from Verizon and spent a month putting apps on it that do what I need it to do. Now Samsung, through Verizon service,  is going to force an update on me on June 15 that by all accounts will completely wreak the UI and app functionality I have paid for.

Just to let you know this is not just a useless rant:

1) I am contacting American Express today to find out what their position is, since I intend to claim it is broken (as to what I PAID for) within the warranty period. If Verizon will not refund my money if it auto updates and breaks it, I will tie up the purchase price in a charge back dispute with AmEx. My last one like this took over a year to settle.

2) I suggest everyone who now has a broken Samsung phone due to PIE check into Small Claims arbitration, as I am doing now. For $50 or less, you can make Samsung appear with lawyers to explain how their TOS aren't violated by knowingly forcing software changes on phones that break them. Should be a couple thousand in their legal fees per arbitration.   Their arb language can be found at https://www.samsung.com/us/Legal/Phone-HSGuide/

3) Feel free to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission's consumer protection agency. Here is the link for software complaints: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted#crnt

The idea that purchasers just have to sit back and enjoy the reaming from big companies is dying fast. Turn about is fair play: You make my life miserable, I will make yours the same.