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Re: Verizon vs. unlocked Galaxy S10


It's not a matter if I like features or not.  As a matter of fact, I don't currenly use any of the features listed and haven't used most of them in the 10+ years as a Verizon customer.  There are benefits and draw backs to all carrier branded/locked phones vs the unlocked counterpart.  Before I spend almost $1,000 on anything, I try to research the pros and cons of all the different models and then select the one that suits my needs the best.  My needs may very well be different than someone else.  Even the carrier selection matters.  Where I live, Verizon does not even have a close 2nd as far as reception.  In many of my daily travels, there are a couple of areas that a competitor far exceeds Verizon's reception.  But, again, I choose what's best for me.