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Latest Oreo Update Ruined Texting - Help?


I have a Samsung S7, Oreo arrived on my phone sometime in mid-July. It worked just fine, no complaints. 2 nights ago I was prompted to do yet another update so I complied, HUGE mistake. Ever since, my phone overheats almost dangerously, certain apps take forever to load or do not load at all, text messages arrive and send in random order and are nearly impossible to locate in the message streams, rendering text useless and photos are unable to be sent / received at all in text. This new update also changed my phone's date to one in the future that doesn't exist: Tuesday, September 5, 2018 and additionally changed my phone's time to 4 hours behind, though it showed "Eastern Daylight Time" as the preference. There was a Tuesday, September 5th last year but this year, September 5th is a Wednesday and this non-existent date showing 2018 is really, really weird and creepy. I did remedy the date and time thing (although it keeps reverting back to this weirdness) but this texting issue is a problem since i use it for business. I can never find my recent text messages in the conversation streams. For example, a text from today I sent arrived in my husband's stream (he has an iPhone) with today's correct time and date stamp on it BUT LOCATED in a chat area from last weekend. Same stuff happening on my end regardless, it's insane. Anyone else have these issues and any way to resolve them?

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