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Re: problems after oreo update


When the update finished, I looked to make sure it didn't "lose" anything and noticed it was extremely unresponsive and some settings had changed.  New OS version, it's to be expected... so I attempted booted into recovery to clear cache as usual.  That's where it got weird.  Instead of the normal recovery menu it launched into a blue screen with the Android character and a message stating "Installing system update" which ran for a couple seconds and changed to a second blue screen, with the Android on it's side, a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, and the message "No command". This eventually cleared to the normal recovery menu where I could clear cache and reboot.

Once the system was fully booted I removed apps I no longer use and updated all remaining apps that had updates available. I have since gone about restoring settings that had reset in the update to my preferences.  I have also cleared the cache on the individual apps that I use.

Problems that remain:  Device is sluggish waking up (using either the power or home buttons), and sometimes requires several attempts to wake it up.  Screen will occasionally freeze on incoming calls so they cannot be answered.  Device is still sluggish populating the screen on wake-up and when changing screens.  The phone application will fail to dial out maybe one out of seven or eight times I use it.  There are other minor annoyances but those are the biggies.  I use this device for business as well as personal and I am really trying to avoid having to do a full reset because as we all know what a hassle that is.  Any insight would be appreciated.