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Re: S8+ wifi turns off and on by itself.


I myself have called Samsung, chatted with Samsung, Netgear for my Orbi router, and Verizon.   No one cares and each say its the other companies who are at fault.  Can't trade my S8+ for a iphone that works with wifi because Verizon says im out of 14 day trade in window.   Samsung says i have to send it in to be examined by tech support 9 to 14 days with no phone. Netgear says it is not my router its S8+ software.  Still have a worthless $800+ S8+ phone that I cant use because Verizons signal is less than usable, wifi doesnt connect with s8+ and you get nowhere with same troubleshooting steps from all companies.  How many times do i have to factory reset my s8+ phone and my replacement s8+ before you accept its your fault samsung.  Just issue a refund for the trash phone, admit that there is no update anytime soon.   And for the tech support at verizon who said it is router dont know what your talking about.  It is a common issue with S8 phones.  As well as the verizon tech support telling me this is the 1st time he has heard of this issue guess he doesnt know how to read.  It is all over samsung, verizon, and any other forums.