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Re: Battery draining - Samsung Galaxy S7


I'm having the same issue as wel since the last updatel. Even better, I have an S7 Edge and an S7 work phone, and both are draining in 4-5 hours. My Verizon Gear S2 drains in about 2 hrs now instead of lasting all day.  I don't pay for the Verizon network service on the S2.

I've wiped the cache on both phones multiple times. As mentioned above, I checked my service, it was set to Global, so I changed it to LTE/CMDA but it hasn't helped at all. I also cleaned my cache afterwards... The only think I haven't done is wipe it. I just did that on my S7 Edge about 6 weeks ago, and really don't want to go through that again. Has anyone found a fix yet?