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Re: samsung s8+ pre oreded


Yes Im having the same issue I think, here's what is going on.  I preordered the S8+ and a free VR and I never received any kind of confirmation when I was complete.  So I then tried to order it again the next day and now when I try to complete a new order and it states "card declined". So I then call my CC company and they say your card is fine and that there were no charges from VZW. So now you can see how I'm puzzled by what has transpired.  The whole pre-ordering thing has been very ambiguous.  So do I dare call VZW CC and wait on the telephone or do I wait to see if VZW comes through and if they don't go to the store where I can talk to a human. My estimated date of delivery was 4/26 so I guess I'll know on 4/27.