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Re: Why can I no longer have apps store app data to SD card



That seems like pretty unfair criticism directed at another peer (i.e. customer) who relayed useful information, perhaps not specifically what you were seeking. If not directed to the previous respondent, it would be inappropriate to direct it to a VZW forum moderator that happens by... You want them to help you don't you?

I say bummer . I am sure they can handle the comments.

This is not to say your report is not important. It is, and probably affects others. So hang in there.

It is very important. It appears VZW does not want to escalate this to someone who may help.

Are your VoiceMail messages with this meta-data still available on your SD card? I'd back it up on a PC before you go experimenting. Yes, maybe they did change where the messages are stored. If it's a VZW app, they make the decision on how it works and if/how it's tested. Maybe you can track down the author and put in a report - call into support and ask if it could be directed to one of the VZW App / VVM developers?

The problem is that there are some at VZW that are aware , however there is no path for them to get the issue to the developers so that it can be repaired. I have spent more than 10 hours on the phone with support. I have asked this to be escalated to top tier support. Then later to find out I had been fooled and was only talking to lower tier peons. Esto es [removed] service.  VZW blames Samsung , Samsung says not their issue.

So do you know how to get to the VZW. app dev team?

Lastly if is the objective to remove the ability to continue to use the SD card for app storage then that is a big problem for VZW. What that means to me and others is that VZW or Samsung wants to force upgrading to a new devices that has greater internal storage through maxing out the current devices limits on storage.

Well I got news for you folks at VZW. I gonna be making a continued stink about this. Either VZW fixes or buys me a new phone or both. This is theft of the consumer. This is fraud.

[removed] LONG TIME consumer. 30 years.

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