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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 2017 New Year's today only promotion


So I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon today.  They say they are investigating.  It would be nice if the Verizon reps on this thread would stop playing dumb.  We all know what happened.  They meant to offer the phone and tablet deal, but accidentally put up a phone only offer.  This would be fine if you knew this when you went to check out, but because you get the price through bill credits, no one actually sees the price.  Now we are all in a contract to buy a phone that we probably wouldn't have bought if we knew it was $432 higher than advertised.  Why would so many people intentially pay $11 more a month not to get a tablet?  Over 100 strangers did not get together to make up a promotion and try to scam Verizon, so it would be nice if customer service reps would stop trying to insinuate that we did. The sheer amount of time we each have invested would not be worth it. Since this is a one day, one phone issue, the solution seems simple.   Honor your own promotion. 

I for one will be leaving Verizon if it is not handled satisfactorily.  If I can't trust the prices on Verizon's website, I can't buy phones from them.