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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 2017 New Year's today only promotion


I agree with Cornerlot. A lot of people purchased a galaxy S7 as a promotion offer of $10 a month for 24 months on 1JAN2017. The promotion was obvious misleading if so many of us purchased only the phone and still expected to get a $18 per month credit. For me, the TV commercial was not explicit. I watched it many times to see if there was any hidden agenda. I felt I could buy the phone only and get a credit or buy both and get more credit. I even have a order summary that tells me congratulations, you are getting this devise for $10/month. When i picked up the phone, all they said was wait 2 -3 months to get your credit. They never said you don't qualify. It has been 8 months now and Verizon refuses to honor the contract. I too have made repeated attempts to straighten this out. If you look at this thread, some customers have been granted the credit, while others of us continue to fight! Come on Verizon, you need to give us the credit you advertised and promised!

I have seen where vzw_CS says to respond to the email directly, but only once has any vzw customer service done that...and even then, I received no response.