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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Overheating and Battery Drain / warranty


Doing some more digging I found that there are a chain of apps/services that relate to one another. The reason I was unable to force stop Gear VR was that Beaming Service (Beaming Service for Samsung - Android Apps on Google Play) was running. You cannot disable Beaming Service but you can uninstall it. It's really not necessary/critical but it's a standard Samsung bundle thing.That said, it'll wind up being reinstalled one way or another. Now, frankly, beaming service has been around awhile and before Gear VR if my memory is right so... again... it's ridiculous that I cannot disable Gear VR. I have no Gear VR or any VR-related accessories for my phone yet the Gear VR service has to be installed/running  and has used 13% of my battery since I last fully charged it. The logic there is... lacking.

NOTE: Just because I said the Beaming Service isn't critical doesn't mean people should just go and uninstall. It could break other apps that make use of it. If you don't know what you're doing don't just go killing apps/services/processes, disabling things, and uninstalling things.