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Re: Visual Voicemail for unlocked Samsung S8


I got unlocked Samsung Note 8, and I also can't install the Visual Voice mail, it says that it does not support my phone. I want from cricket and they had voice mail app for android which works without any issues.

I do not know why it is so hard to make such an app for all phones.

Here is the link to the play store with visual voice mail, but most likely it will be blocked for you as well unless you have a Verizon branded phone.

Verizon Visual Voice Mail - Android Apps on Google Play

What if I get Pixel/Pixel2/2XL/Note 8/Galaxy S8/S8+ not from Verizon? Why Can't I use visual voicemail, there is nothing specific to the phone, all other carriers just give you an option to download an app and use it....

with *86 on my not 8 I feel like I'm on a Jet in Prehistoric Era.

Can ypu please just update your app and make it available of all the phones, at least make sure that restrictions make sense, Like android 4+, etc.