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Re: Can't sync Fitbit now after new update

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Elizaorm1 wrote:

Same thing happened to my up4 band. Updated app and did not help, removed and reinstalled and didn't help? ¿Alguna sugerencia?

At this point, based on reports earlier in this thread from 3rd-party developers who have to deal with this, it sounds like the best we can hope for is that Samsung will fix the problem it created. By now, I'd say my most optimistic guess (and it's no more than that) would be that in the next week or so a monthly system update will roll out that will include a fix. I have no information at all to suggest that that is the case; I'm only guessing and hoping.

My 2-year contract on my Samsung Note 4 Edge is up. I have loved this phone, but when I head to the Verizon store I'm going to be looking at other manufacturers.