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Re: Can't sync Fitbit now after new update


I agee with your state they are wasting our time.  We have contacted the companies for the devices do not working and, have done everything, from reinstalling the app, make sure permission are on to buying new devices.  I even went so far as to try it on a friends device that were not running on the new update we all received (Marshmallow  6.01).  And my devices will worked.  I have contacted both companies Fitbit and Square Up and they have posted on their forums that it is because Samsung/Verizon put out an update the did something to the BLE (Bluetooth) on the phone.  Samsung  and Verizon should put a fix out for this and a statement about what they will do to fix the issue.  Seems to me is they are trying to get people to buy new phones,  I sure would not buy another Samsung and I might just think about moving away from Verizon.