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Re: Why are my calendar event notifications dismissing automatically even if I don't dismiss them? This didn't happen prior to the Nougat update.


vzw_customer_support​, please note that your response above still does not mean the issue of this thread has been resolved. I too made changes to the samsung pay so my screen stopped coming on.

The root issue here as part of this thread is the simple fact that calendar event notifications from the default calendar app on the S7 are going away on their own after the duration has ended. In post number 17 above I provided links to this exact same situation. There was obviously a change in the software and we are no longer able to control when we dismiss our own event notifications. This is quite frustrating for people who have a busy schedule and put everything in outlook and sync to our phones to be reminded of important meetings, events, etc. This change has essentially made this calendar app useless.