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A pointless pre-order? Galaxy S7 Edge



I pre-ordered the new galaxy s7 edge in titanium silver yesterday morning. I understand that this is a little bit of a late pre-order because the phone technically launches on the 11th but after completing my order I was surprised to find that my phone would not ship until 3/31! Is anyone else having this expected ship date? Why is it so late? This completely defeats the point of pre-ordering something if you don't get it until two weeks after it's already been in stores.

This will also hinder the gear s2 promo that samsung in running because all registration forms must be in by midnight on the 31st!! I bought the phone hoping to get the watch along with it and now I feel cheated out of the promotion.

Just checked my expected ship date  on my phone and I got 11/17/1858 ?! What is going on here?! Is anyone else experiencing this??


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