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Re: S6 Edge 6.0 Update


Let's see, AT&T, Sprint, and hell, even T-Mobile haverizon either released it or have announced a release date. For a company that claims their services are better, it seems to really be lacking. Samsung has released the update to the same phone in other countries. They've even released the update for the update. The only Samsung phone for Verizon to have it is the Note 5. Really? Didn't the Note 5 come out after the S6/Edge? The answer is a resounding yes. I thought these were "flagship" phones. Really not treating them as such. As I stated in another comment, at the rate Verizon is moving on this, Android 7 will be out. And also at this speed, we won't see Android 7 until next year. Samsung released the update and the update to the update. I really don't see where it's Samsung more so than it being Verizon.