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Re: Reduced battery life after recent software updates


All of my App's were reinstalled and the phone worked fine.  The connectivity / battery drain / load speeds began to act a week after.  I have no idea what "update"  if any caused the they are never ending...including facebook/chrome/android system etc etc etc...   I have the power saving mode on yet the battery will deplete 30-40 % overnight if not plugged in.  In fact as write, the phone has depleted 54% since unplugging this morning with limited use and "connected" to the wifi.

As I have read other complaints, this would appear to be a common issue with the latest update a couple of weeks ago...BTW  I have the Note 3

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Reduced battery life after recent software updates

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I certainly appreciate you trying all of that. We want to make sure we get your phone back to working the way it should. It's very good to know that the phone worked better at first but it didn't last. Were your apps and things like that installed back on the phone after the reset? Can you think of anything that was added back around the time the issue started back up?


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