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Re: Reduced battery life after recent software updates


I too have had ISSUES with a recent update and battery drain.  I posted earlier on the subject...spoke with customer service and was told to do a complete factory reset.  Pain in the ***...but...afterwards it appeared to help.  Now, a week later, I am experiencing battery drain again.  My Galaxy Note 3, used to be a power horse.  I could go almost two days before I was forced to recharge.  Now...NADA!  In fact, I have a 30% loss in battery OVERNIGHT, when the phone is supposed to be in deep sleep.  This is UNACCEPTABLE.  I am now being forced to search myself for remedies caused by an update.  I hesitate installing WakeLock apps and the like ...but there is something wrong.  I should not have to recharge twice a day now...

Not a happy camper...