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Samsung S5: Storage - Miscellaneous files - amounts inaccurate


I've researched the Verizon Community and searched the net, but can't find any answer to my questions.  The last few system updates have indicated they need 500MBs, and my device doesn't have enough storage for it.  I eventually cleared off a few things to get me above that limit, but I still have questions. 

1)  Do these 500 MB "system updates" remain on my phone, or are they just a temporary install file? 

2)  My more pressing question:  Settings -> Storage -> Miscellaneous files is 5.56 GB.  I click on that category to bring up the list of files I can delete, sort by size, and the total is no where near 5.56 GB.  The top 6 are 82+11+5+3+3+1 = 105 MB.  The remaining 29 are in KBs.  Where the heck is my remaining 5 GBs?  I've tried to browse my files via a File Manager, as well as through Explorer when connecting my phone to my laptop via USB, but I'm not sure where "Miscellaneous Files" is stored at from a folder path/tree perspective.

Any help/explanation would be appreciated. 

P.S.  My next largest category is Cached Data at 3.5 GB, but I know I can clear most of that out individually via Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> "All" tab -> Sort by size -> Finally, click on the apps that I want to "Clear Cache" and "Manage storage". 

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