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Re: Anyone else experiencing GS4 low signal strength?


I have a signal issue along with a sim card error issue, and other problems.  Tech support is no help what so ever.  I contacted them, on th 8th, and spoke to a tech support supervisor and said he would take care of my problem personally.  12 days later and the issue is unresolved, and still waiting for a resolution.  I was assured he would keep me updated, so I would not have to spent so much time calling in, but I seem to be calling them more than ever.  I was recently offered by my works provider for a contract buyout, and it is looking more and more tempting as each day passes by.  I have been with Verizon for 6 years, and it seems the quality of service has declined since then.  Almost as if the customer means nothing to them as long as the bill is paid each month.