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Samsung Galaxy S4 camera flash does not enable


This may be simple, however, I have been looking through 'Settings' and online for an hour and can't find anything on my issue: The camera flash and other options in camera settings are disabled and I can't get them enabled.

We bought our phones on Black Friday from Best Buy, I got the Arctic Blue and my girlfriend got the White. Last night we were taking pictures and needed the flash but we could not get it enabled. I noticed she only has 3 size options for pictures and I have five. We tried to turn on the camera flash by tapping it (as you are supposed to) but it stays grey. I went into 'Settings' to see if I had to turn the camera flash option 'On' and it too is greyed out and will not allow the flash to enable.

Am I missing something here?

Is there something in 'Settings' I need to do that will enable the camera flash, ISO, etc.?

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