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Re: Auto-correct spelling while texting


Yes, my predictive text is toggled On, and I get suggested words and I can choose them, but my phone never fixes typos, ever.  My Incredible 2 just automatically corrected typos and I expected that with my new S4.

What a pain in the butt not to have a comma on the keyboard, but, yes, I found how to insert it with the long press.  I'm not a kid and I like to send texts as if I were speaking with punctuation and whole words.  All my friends, who are older as I am, like to do the same.

I've tried most of the keyboards in the Play Store, and 99% of them do not have the numbers at the top, which is a great feature.

I was also chatting with Samsung about it and they said they left out auto-correct.  Talk about going back into the dark ages!!