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S4 not connecting to 4G/no internet services and saying failed text messages but sending them..


This started today.  I have a Samsung 4 (which I dislike to start with)  and it all of the sudden is not connecting to the 4G network so I can't use any internet or social media.  In addition to this, because that is not bad enough, when sending text messages I am getting that they failed or still sending and then failed, but they are actually sending.  Some of them are sending multiple times too.  I have contacted Verizon device support- shut off phone, turned back on, removed SIM card, waited, removed battery and SIM card, tried *228 and restarting, checked network settings, read forums, ..,etc.  Nothing is working and this is making me CRAZY.   It is draining my battery because it is continually trying to send messages, even after it says they have failed. 

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