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Re: Manually Updated Note 9 to Pie


If you guys would just push the OTA updtae, we wouldn't have to resort to these measures to get it. The update has been out since August of last year! You guys are suppose to be the #1 company, yet we are the last ones to receive the update.


I will be sideloading my update as soon as I get back home tonight. I have been with you guys for well over 14 years, but I truly think that it is time to move on to another provider that provides nearly the same quality of service for a fraction of the price.

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I completely understand your desire to have the latest updates. Rest assured, any delays keeping an Android version from your device have nothing to do with the release of a newer device model.


I want to advise against installing a software update not automatically pushed to your Verizon bought device that is not listed here:


This link will also advise when the latest Note 9 updates become available. I hope this is helpful.