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Re: note 9 UI update


S10 launch is tomorrow, almost every carrier on the planet EARTH have updated the note 9 to One UI. Can you give a date when Verizon owners can expect to get it on their Note 9.


I am asking a serious question respectfully.  PLEASE DO NOT


1. Point me to the page for updates that just shows the updates that have published and does not show any future dates.


2. Post/Send me the canned response that you value me and that you are working on the update and you will release it after you have finished your testing (as this does not also include a date).


3. Ask me to DM you (most this is requested on twitter) so that you can tell me something in private.  


Please ask someone who knows and post an date.

Thats how things get done, when someone commits and then follows thru.

Again thank you in advance.