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Re: Why can't I get a replacement device without having to pay tax upfront?

Líder Sénior

If the Phone was in a Boot Lock up that sounds like to me a Full Replacement. One of the store Employees should have Tried Getting the Phone to Work just to see for them selves if the issue you Described was Present and if the Same Happened they should have not pawned you off to Customer Service..  And should have Taken Care of the Issue you might Go Back there and Request speaking to the Manager and or Assistant Manager.. if the Results is the Same I'd try another store in your Area some Managers are willing to help when some would Rather Not.. Hopefully the Store Manager at the Location you got the phone at Helps ya Out..

All Stores at this Time as what I was Told Carry only the 125G, To get the 512G you have to Order it hopefully this will change I'd say with Christmas coming soon' they offer them in store..

Good Luck.. B33 Smiley Happy